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Julia's Thoughts In Advance of Her Wedding
by Francisco

Key to use of ""

"This is speech"
"This is thought."


It had taken Julia a while to get used to dating someone who could read her mind. However, that did sometimes work to her advantage:

"Don't worry; I'm taking the trash out now.

Not many fiancées could nag their other half without any outward sign at all. Brian shot her a cheeky look as he carried 3 full bags through the living room.

Julia looked around at their apartment. Her eyes settled on the dining table and she smiled. She still wondered what the other shoppers thought when they saw what looked like a one-sided conversation.

Over the years she had grown used to Brian's ability and others had commented that she seemed a lot more quiet and reserved. The truth was that she wasn't – it was just hard to remember to actually speak when she could have a long conversation with the person closest to her without even opening her mouth.

In the end it was her apparent withdrawal that led to her mother finding out Brian's secret. Her mother had become concerned that Brian was abusing her. In the end Brian had to demonstrate his ability. Julia was relieved as that meant that she didn't have to think up lies to cover Brian's secret. Her mother needed some more time to adjust.

She found that she actually liked studying psychology once she started discussing the work with Brian. Despite the fact that he had been promoted to Assistant Manager at the coffee shop, she wanted Brian to try studying Psychology himself.

"You'll be better at it than most people," she told him more than once.

She could not believe that in a month's time they would be married. There was so much to do before that day. They hadn't even started to get organised for that.

Becky was going to be Maid of Honour and Isaac was going to be Best Man. For Becky's sake, Isaac was going to continue the pretense of them being in a relationship. However, that show was now starting to hurt Tamsin, Becky's girlfriend. Julia sometimes felt frustrated with the pretence (especially as she could see the pain it caused Tamsin) but Brian was firm, if Becky didn't want to come out then they were not even going to ask her to change her mind.

Becky and Mandi had not worked out. Mandi was only curious and although she tried to hide it, the break up had hurt Becky a lot. Tamsin and Becky were a better match but Tamsin wanted to marry Becky but Becky was scared of the fact that such a declaration was public.

That thought reminded Julia of her own upcoming marriage. Julia's mother had helped a lot with the arrangements. Julia felt mixed about that – on one hand she was glad for the help and on the other she felt a little less independent.

Of course, with her mother around the subject of children came up. Brian had caught her mom musing about being a grandparent. He had replied courteously but things got awkward when Julia arrived on the tail end of that conversation.

Julia wondered what it would be like being a parent. Brian would have a unique insight into how their child was. That led to a scary thought: What if his ability was genetic? What if her child could read her mind? What if their child read their minds when she and Brian wanted to do coupley stuff together? The thought horrified her.

Brian had said that even if the trait was genetic it might be watered down, or overridden, by her genes. He suggested that their child might be closer to Deanna Troi of Star Trek fame. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. Even the ability to sense emotions meant that their child would sense emotions that no child could understand. She then remembered how understanding Brian was and realized that they could manage any child fine.

She settled back to thinking about the wedding. She, Becky, Tamsin and Julia's mother had looked at dresses the day before. They had narrowed it down to a choice of 3. She brought them to mind and, after some careful thought, made a decision.

"I agree."

She had forgotten that Brian was there.

"It's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding!" she scolded him. She threw a cushion at him. They had a mock fight and hugged each other.

She knew that everything was going to be fine.