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Think Before You Think's Website Policies

All material on is copyright Sylvia Odhner, 2014, except fan art, which belongs to its creator, and various buttons linking to other sites. You may post images from this site on other sites as long as the images link to Otherwise, please ask permission to re-distribute any material from this site.

You may distribute fan works for profit, such as comics, fiction, and animation, as long as you give prominent gredit for any borrowed characters and situations to, and as long as the work includes some original ideas separate from Think Before You Think. This does not apply to any art taken directly from this site or the books sold on it. This does not apply to single drawings of the characters or logo from this comic used on commercially sold products. If you're not sure what this applies to, please ask for permission.

Think Before You Think is a common law trademark owned by Sylvia Odhner.

Comment Policy

When posting comments on this site, please be respectful and avoid using explicit language. Do not post any comments that attack real people or groups, by applying negative labels to them, negatively characterizing their intentions, or making negative generalizations about them. Do not post comments that bash the comic in a non-constructive way. Comments that violate these terms as I see them will be deleted, and commenters may be banned from commenting. Also, comments that are excessively vague, irrelevant, or insubstantial may be deleted.

Contact me if you'd like to know why your comment was deleted. In some cases, comments can be automatically marked as spam even though they're legitimate comments.

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