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Comic Book 5

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Plot Map of Spoilers

I often say that Think Before You Think is more of a spontaneous series of events than something with a "plot." Nevertheless, here is a list of notable events that are relevant to the progression of the comic. This leaves out a lot of stuff about character development.

Book 1 Psychic - Julia and Becky find out that Brian can read minds.

Think Before You Think - Julia gets a crush on Brian.

Ceramics - Julia starts ceramics class, and Brian is in it.

Julia's Dress - Julia goes on a date with Brian, gets food poisoning and has to go to the hospital.

Secret Girlfriend - Becky pretends to be Isaac's girlfriend.

Trust Me - Brian talks to Julia about always being friends before Julia goes home for the summer.

Book 2 Specialty Drink

Lesbian Love Potion - Brian makes what he calls a lesbian love potion, and Mandi drinks it, saying she really wants one. She doesn't say why.

Invisibility - Brian meets Sarah, who is suicidal.

Oh, Snap - Sarah tells Brian that she's in love with him.

The Truth Comes Out - Mandi tells Becky why she wanted the lesbian love potion.

Girls Meeting - Mandi meets Sarah, and asks her out.

Julia Comes Back - Julia comes back to the dorm for school. Brian asks her out again.

Ignorance Is Bliss - Sarah goes to a club and gets drugged by a guy. He's about to take her home but Brian stops him.

Cravings - Isaac and Doug find out that Sarah works at Burger Ace.

Like a Procrastination Pro - Jason, from Julia's psych class, helps Julia write her essay and later asks her out.

Jealousy Win - Brian and Julia make their relationship official.

Book 3 Turning Down Jason

Too Weird - Julia finds Jason and Becky getting naked in her dorm room. Jason and Becky start dating.

It Had to Come Up Sometime - Brian tells Julia that he doesn't want to have sex before marriage.

Impending Doom - Sarah meets Julia, who she doesn't like because she's dating Brian. Brian asks Julia to leave so he can talk to Sarah alone.

Testomony - Isaac comes over to get Sarah's testimony about they guy who drugged her and Sarah decides to get counseling.

Cheating - Brian starts auditing Julia's psychology class and says he wants to be a counselor.

Accident - Becky, Brian, and Julia get in a car accident while Becky is driving. Becky needs stitches.

An Evaluation - It is revealed that Sarah is being verbally abused by her supervisor at Burger Ace.

Justifiable Arrest - Brian finds out that Sarah is being verbally abused.

A Good Opportunity - Brian tells Julia that he's going to Minnesota for a spring internship, and then he breaks up with her, saying maybe they can get back together when he gets back.

Emergency Intervention - Brian comes to Sarah's workplace and offers Sarah his job at the cafe. He says he'll train her before he leaves. Sarah makes a scene quitting her current job.

Departing - Brian and Julia say goodbye as Julia leaves for her winter break.

The Family - Brian visits his family for the holidays. We meet his parents and his sister Meg, who all know about his mind-reading.

Book 4 No Way Out - Mandi's ex, Rick, runs into Mandi at the cafe while Sarah is working. Sarah acts like she and Mandi are dating, so Rick will stop bothering Mandi about trying to set her up.

Brian's New Roommate - Brian meets his new Roommate, Dan, and then he starts his internship where he meets Shel, his co-leader for teen group counseling.

A Major Difference - Julia changes her major from psychology to journalism.

The Summer - Brian finds out he might be staying at his internship in Minnesota over the summer.

One Distraction - In the teen group that Brian is leading, Brian finds himself distracted by one of the members, Selene's BDSM fantasies about him.

Starting a Blog - Julia starts her new blog, "Now Let Me Crawl in a Hole."

Bad Timing, Again - Becky and Jason break up.

It Was Going So Well - Kevin, Sarah's old supervisor, shows up at the cafe where she's currently working and starts berating her. It turns out Kate, Sarah's current manager, knows what happened at her old job, and she kicks him out of the cafe.

Resentment - Sarah talks to Damien, her counselor, about her encounter with Kevin, which leads to a series of small misunderstandings when she talks to Brian.

Deep Dark Secrets - Selene and Benson are talking after their group, After Selene reveals that she wants to be dominated, Benson almost rapes her, but Brian comes in and stops him.

In a Corner - Brian slips up when talking to Selene, and after that he reveals to her that he can read minds.

Jason Tries Again - Jason tries asking out Julia again, now that they're both single again, and she says she's still holding out hope for getting back with Brian. Jason points out that it's like Brian is holding her hostage, and Julia is bothered by it.

At the Oyster - After Julia decides to go out with Jason with a group of people, Sarah meets the musician, Ethan, and gets his number.

In a Daze - Sarah has her first panic attack when she's working at the cafe and a guy comes in who reminds her of Kevin, her former supervisor.

Brian Has Some News - Brian tells Julia that he's coming back by Summer.

Summer Plans - Julia and Becky decide to move into an apartment together, and Julia is going to stay in town for the summer.

The Other Room - Sarah and Ethan start dating.

Julia's New Job - Julia starts working at Burger Ace. Isaac warns her about what happened with Sarah there. She finds out that Kevin is no longer working there, in fact he was fired after all of his employees quit and the branch temorarily closed.

Brian Comes Back - Brian comes back. Julia is confused about her feelings because of the stuff that she had talked about with Jason earlier. Brian starts working at the cafe again.

Mental Probing - After "talking to" Jason, Brian realizes that after leaving Julia in the fall, he's going to have to earn her trust back. They decide to go on a date.

Book 5 Moving Day - Julia and Becky move into their new apartment. Jason goes home for the summer.

Airport Memories - Brian and Julia go on their date, and Brian mentions that he thinks Julia is more committed to the relationship than he is, which upsets her.

Being Mean - Things get tense between Ethan and Sarah. Brian talks to Julia and says he didn't really mean that he was more committed than her.

Rescue Romance - Brian and Julia decide that they're back together, and they can continue to work out their relationship insecurities.

Knowing Someone - Julia finds out that Becky had sex with a girl (June) and is bisexual.

A Hard Conversation - After getting in a fight, Ethan says he doesn't like being with Sarah. She vaguely threatens to do something drastic if he leaves, and he agrees to stay with her.

What Happened With Damien - Brian finds out that Sarah stopped seeing her therapist.

Comparing Relationships - Ethan's new friend Jessica suggests that Sarah might be emotionally abusing Ethan.

Signs of Emotional Abuse - Sarah finds a web page about emotional abuse on Ethan's computer and she points out ways that he has abused her, and then he points out that she's done it too.

Isaac Talks to Sarah - After Isaac starts talking to Sarah, Ethan dumps her.

A Chance Encounter - Sarah runs into Ethan at the grocery store, and they kiss, but then Ethan says it was a mistake and runs away.

Another Becky - June introduces herself to Brian as Becky's girlfriend.

Brian's Good News - Brian gets a counseling job at the local high school.

Brian Helping Out - Julia's sister Annie moves into her old dorm. Her roommate is Selene, Brian's old counseling group member. Brian tells Julia that she knows he can read minds, and admits that he is somewhat attracted to her while reassuring Julia that that doesn't affect how he feels about Julia.

Dr. Morgan - Sarah starts seeing a new counselor, Dr. Morgan.

The School Nurse - After Brian starts his new high school counselor job, a kid comes to see him after getting beat up. Brian tries to take him to the school nurse, but she won't help him, and it becomes evident that the school isn't addressing the bullying situation effectively.

Selene Calls - Selene wants to hang out with Brian. Julia is somewhat resistant to the idea.

Bernard Gets Caught - Brian catches Simon's bully, Bernard, in the act. Brian talks to him and threatens to call the police if it happens again.

Brian Talks to Selene - Julia finds Brian talking to Selene in the coffee shop and it brings up some insecurities about her relationship with Brian.

June Gives a Compliment - June breaks up with Becky, Becky pretends it's not a big deal but she's clearly upset.

Where They First Met - Isaac tells Sarah he really likes her but he's asexual.

Empty Threats - Bernard threatens Simon but he doesn't physically hurt him. Brian finds out the school nurse is still turning people away without treating them. He tries to convince her to do a better job by telling her that he could get her fired if he wanted to.

Sarah's Apology - Ethan runs into Sarah at the cafe, and Sarah apologizes for how she treated him.