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TBYT's 5th Birthday   June 12, 2014
Five years ago today, Think Before You Think was born, so I made this special cartoon. Enjoy!

Contributions for Extra Updates   March 26, 2014
Hello there! I am starting a new program to incentivize donations. I've decided to offer extra updates for donation money - right now it's $80 per update. Don't worry, I am not holding my regular updates hostage - I'm still going to update every Friday no matter what. But I know there are people who want me to update more frequently. And, I'm making this program retroactive, which means that if you've donated money at any point in the past, your donation counts. So far I've already gotten $75 in donations, so I only need at least $5 more in order to post the first extra update. You can read about the details on this page. This is not intended to pressure anyone into donating, and please don't try to pressure others into donating for this program. Thank you!

Comic Book Volume 2   November 1, 2013
The 2nd comic book is out! You can see the details here. It has a special feature called Secret Onion Adventures that is exclusive to the comic book. You can buy the book directly from IndyPlanet here. And if you don't have the first book yet, you can check it out here.

Forum Experiment   April 3, 2012
So, I thought I'd make a TBYT forum, just to see if it goes anywhere. If it doesn't get much activity, I'll probably close it eventually. I made a post in the media section, about favorite TV shows, so you can start by responding in this thread, and you can post other topics too. Here is the forum. Have fun!

Guest Art for Starcrossed   March 16, 2012
I made a guest comic for Starcrossed, one of my favorite comics, and it's posted here. I like Starcrossed because people have so much expression in it, in the way they talk, their faces, and their bodies, and it all seems so natural. You don't see people just standing around with the same boring stances while they're talking to each other. I think all the details of people's interactions are pretty cool. This effect is developed over the course of the comic, so you might not see it if you just read the first few pages.