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Comic Book 5

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Contributions for Extra Updates Is Currently Closed. Donations will not go towards extra updates at this time. If you would like to donate anyway, click one of the buttons below:

Donors: (33 total)

Anna Glenn
Matthew Sparby
Paul B
Alex Zorach
Linda Odhner
Bendy Shapiro
Michael Chastain
Jim Owens
Michael Chermside
The Hearth of Britannia
Miriam D
Frank Flury
Harley Fox

CFEU Terms and Conditions (closed)

Whenever donations reach a cerain amount, I will post an extra page of the comic, in addition to the regularly scheduled Friday updates. Right now, the cost of an update is $120, so when the current fund reaches $120, I will post an extra update on the Monday after the current or next Friday update. If I ever get up to $360 in one week from Saturday through Friday, I will post an update on the following Monday AND Wednesday. More accumulated funds will go towards more Monday and Wednesday updates.

While this program is open, all donations of $480 or less will go toward extra updates. The current fund represents the amount of money than has been donated but not used for extra updates yet. Once an extra update has been posted, the cost of one update is subtracted from the current fund.

PayPal and Patreon take fees from donations, but the full amount you pay is what counts. Patreon payments will be updated on the 4th of every month.

All donors will have the option of being listed as a donor on this page.

What if you get $10,000 at once?
I don't expect this to be an issue, but that's what the cap amount is for. If the current fund ever reaches or exceeds the cap amount ($480), the program will close temporarily, probably for about 2 weeks. If anyone contributes more than the cap amount at once, only the cap amount will go toward extra updates. That means if you donate $500 at once, only $480 of it will count. While the program is closed, people may still donate, but the money will not go toward extra updates.

Will the amounts change?
The cost of an update and the cap amount may change in the future, but the amount needed for the next update will not increase while the money for it is still being raised.

What if you stop updating?
This program is based on the fact that I already update the comic every week, on time, as I have every week since I started the comic, and I'm pretty sure this won't change anytime soon. If the comic ever goes on hiatus or stops updating, I will announce it at least 4 weeks in advance, and post an extra update if any money is in the current fund at the time. If I ever stop this program and continue regular updates, I will post an extra update if any money is in the current fund at the time.

What if you fail to meet your terms?
I will offer refunds to anyone who contributed to the current fund while this program was open. Questions or concerns? E-mail me at

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