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About Think Before You Think

Think Before You Think is a webcomic written and drawn by Sylvia. You can contact me at The comic updates every Friday, no exceptions. The content will never exceed a PG-13 rating.

Think Before You Think is about a relatively normal world. The only difference is that one of the characters, Brian, can read other people's thoughts. This comic starts out exploring how other people deal with the fact that he can read minds when they know about it. It is somewhat spontaneous - I only know what happens as far as I've written the scripts. To get up to date on the storyline, visit the plot map of spoilers.

Potentially triggering themes so far: suicide, car accident, verbal abuse, BDSM.

This comic started on June 12th, 2009, on Smack Jeeves. In February 2011, it moved to the Spider Forest collective, where it currently resides.


Initial Characters:
Brian: the main character. He works in a coffee shop and he can read minds.

Julia: often referred to as Jules, a self-conscious college student.

Becky: Julia's dorm roommate.

Isaac: a police officer, and Brian's roommate. Isaac has known about Brian's power since the beginning.

Doug: Isaac's police partner.

Added Characters:


Jason: A guy from one of Julia's psych classes.

Kevin: Sarah's supervisor at Burger Ace.

Damien: Sarah's counselor.

Minor Characters: (may become more involved in the future)
Mrs. Peterson: Julia's mom.

Annie: Julia's sister.

Kate: The manager at the cafe where Brian works.

Rick: Mandi's ex.

Media, Resources, Inspiration

I draw this comic with regular paper and pens, and color it in GIMP. This comic is like an experiment in writing characters for me. In the past, I have only written comics about real people, and this is the first time I've written an extended work of fiction with my own characters. I used to use pictures of actors and actresses to make the main characters look consistent. I think my main inspiration for drawing this comic is the lack of other comics like it that I could find. I used to wonder why there aren't any comics like this out there, and then I decided to make one myself. Since then I've been able to draw inspiration from other things I love: Twilight, Questionable Content, The Office, Pushing Daisies, etc.

What Kinds of Criticism Do I Want?

I would like to know about anything that makes it inconvenient for you to read the comic, such as the text legibility, typos, errors, broken links, annoying ads - I try not to have any pop-ups or audio, so if that happens it's not intentional. If you notice any of those, please don't hesitate to tell me, by comments or e-mail.

I'm not looking for criticism about what's wrong with my art and story. It doesn't help me feel inspired. I think my comic is best when I follow my own inspiration and don't think too much about the opinions of others. However, I encourage you to write critical reviews of this comic on other websites (not to me directly).

My Other Comics

Hanklerfish Comic - This is the comic I started most recently. It lives on Tumblr, and it's a Vlogbrothers fan comic. I update it when I feel inspired to.

Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs - This was the first comic I published on the web, no longer updating. It's a fan comic about my favorite band, Lifehouse. This is the comic that inspired me to get into webcomic making, and brought me some amazing fan experiences. Lifehouse lists the comic on their official websites.

The Adventures of Anna Glenn and Her Pet Ethan (no longer active) - This was the first comic I drew (before Lifehouse BVB). It's about my friend Anna and her brother Ethan, who, in the comic, is a mini person and her pet. It was kind of random.

The Special Powers Club - This was a short spin-on of the Anna & Ethan comic, with some of my other friends with super powers. I don't know if it will ever update again, but there's always hope.

Other sites:
Write Before You Write: My webcomic blog
DeviantArt: My galley of random art
Bebies and Bath Water: My blog about issues
Twitter: My personal twitter account

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