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About Think Before You Think

Think Before You Think is a webcomic written and drawn by Sylvia Odhner. The comic updates every Friday, no exceptions. The content will never exceed a PG-13 rating.

Think Before You Think is about a relatively normal world. The only difference is that one of the characters, Brian, can read other people's thoughts. This comic starts out exploring how other people deal with the fact that he can read minds when they know about it. It is somewhat spontaneous - I only know what happens as far as I've written the scripts. To get up to date on the storyline, visit the plot map of spoilers.

Potentially triggering themes so far: suicide, car accident, verbal and emotional abuse, BDSM, sexual assault, mass murder.

This comic started on June 12th, 2009, on Smack Jeeves. In February 2011, it moved to the Spider Forest collective, where it currently resides.


Initial Characters:
Brian: the main character. He works in a coffee shop and he can read minds.

Julia: often referred to as Jules, a self-conscious college student.

Becky: Julia's dorm roommate.

Isaac: a police officer, and Brian's roommate. Isaac has known about Brian's power since the beginning.

Doug: Isaac's police partner.

Added Characters:


Jason: A guy from one of Julia's psych classes.

Kevin: Sarah's supervisor at Burger Ace.

Damien: Sarah's counselor.

Shel: Brian's co-leader for teen group counseling at his internship.

Selene: One of Brian's group members at his internship.

Ethan: A local musician that Sarah likes.

June: One of Rick's lesbian friends.

Minor Characters: (may become more involved in the future)
Mrs. Peterson: Julia's mom.

Annie: Julia's sister.

Kate: The manager at the cafe where Brian works.

Rick: Mandi's ex.

Dan: Brian's roommate during his internship.

Tiana: One of Brian's group members at his internship.

Amanda: One of Brian's group members at his internship.

Max: One of Brian's group members at his internship.

Benson: One of Brian's group members at his internship.

Jessica: Someone Ethan met at one of his shows.

Dr. Morgan: Sarah's new therapist.

Mr. Burton: Brian's new boss, the school principal.

Simon: A high school kid who gets beat up a lot.

Bernard: The kid who keeps beating up Simon.

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