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Becky Is Full of Ideas
Friday, June 14, 2019

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Becky Is Full of Ideas
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It's just past the 10-year anniversary of Think Before You Think. This is the last page of comics, but stay tuned for end pages over the next 3 weeks. Thanks for being such a thoughtful, engaged, and enthusiastic audience!

I'd like to remind everyone that you're allowed to create fan works of Think Before You Think for profit. So if anyone would like to create a sequel, spin-off, or some comic or work of fiction that is heavily inspired by this one, I would be excited to see it and promote it.

If you want to make sure you stay updated on my new webcomic, Don't Get Any Ideas, you can follow any of the new social media accounts:

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(Becky is looking at Julia's ring) Becky: Who proposes with an emerald? Julia: It's actually perfect. I don't even like diamonds. | Brian: Yeah, I knew that. Becky: Next thing you know you'll be buying your wedding dress from a thrift shop. | Julia: Ooh! Let's go there next week and see what they have! Becky: I should just stop talking. Why don't you just wear your pink dress? (Becky starts heading back to her room) | Julia: Well, maybe I will! It's MY wedding, I can wear whatever I want! Brian: Is that the dress that if you wear it on a first date, you never get a second one? | Julia: Yeah, but I'm not gonna wear it. I was just making a point. Brian: Because then you'll never have a second wedding? | (Brian smiles, Julia looks surprised)