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A Scary Thought
Friday, May 31, 2019

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A Scary Thought
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Think Before You Think is coming to a close. The last comic will be on June 14th, followed by 2 end pages and a preview for my new comic over the following 3 weeks.

So, I have some info about the new webcomic! It's called Don't Get Any Ideas and it starts on August 2nd. I made social media accounts where I'll be posting updates leading up to the launch. Here they are:


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Julia: (thought) I hope Brian and I aren't going to break up again. That would be so devastating. I don't even want Brian to know how I'd feel. I should stop thinking about this. Brian: Hey. Julia: Sorry. | Brian: Think about it. I need to know. Julia: Uh... okay. | Julia: (thought) Lately I've been thinking like we're going to get married and be together forever, but I don't know that, and whenever I think maybe that won't happen it feels scary. I want it so much. Julia: (thought) I feel so pathetic and vulnerable thinking like that. | Brian: It's not pathetic at all. You want to know how I feel? Julia: Yeah. | Brian: I've been waiting to see that kind of clarity in your mind, because I feel the same way. (Brian has his hand in his pocket)| (Brian kneels in front of Julia holding a ring up) Brian: Jules, I definitely want to marry you. Julia: Ohmygod.