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Comic Book 5

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Catching Up
Friday, April 12, 2019

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Catching Up
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I have news! The 5th and final comic book is out now! It has the rest of the comic in it, and you can buy a physical book for $15, or a digital download for $4.99. Here it is:

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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(Ethan and Sarah hug) Ethan: How are you doing? Sarah: Better. I'm in therapy, working through my self-esteem issues. | Sarah: Did you start dating Jessica? Ethan: No. I haven't even talked to her since right after we broke up. I'm seeing someone else now. | Sarah: Somehow I'm relieved. Ethan: Yeah, well. I don't think she ever liked you very much. | Ethan: What about you, are you dating anyone? Sarah: Uh... not really, I guess. (Sarah glances toward the counter) | (Ethan turns, Isaac is in the background putting the lid on his cup) | Ethan: "not really, I guess" with Imax? Sarah: Pretty much.