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Picking People's Brains
Friday, October 19, 2018

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Picking People's Brains
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I have an announcement: Think Before You Think will be ending in June of 2019, around the 10-year anniversary. I've been thinking about wrapping it up for a while because I wanted to focus on making something new.

The good news is my new webcomic will come out shortly after Think Before You Think ends! It's already well underway and I'm really excited about it. Stay tuned for updates on that.

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(Brian and Isaac are at the cafe) Kate: Sarah hasn't been here today. It's her day off. Isaac: That's what I thought. Have you heard from her at all? Kate: Not since she was here yesterday. | Isaac: (thought) Are you picking anything up? Brian: No. | (they go outside) Isaac: Crap. Isaac: (thought) I thought she was feeling better. What if she...? Brian: No, I don't think she would hurt herself without any warning. | Isaac: (thought) But what if she didn't think anyone could help her? Brian: She seemed fine on Wednesday. I can tell, believe me. | Brian: Do you know what she would have been doing earlier today? Isaac: Therapy! She had an appointment. | (Brian is on the phone) Brian: Hi, Dr. Morgan? Did you see Sarah today? Dr. Morgan: Sorry, that information is confidential. Isaac: Oh, come on!