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Jason's Fake ID
Friday, September 28, 2018

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Jason's Fake ID
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There are new comics at Spider Forest! Here's the third round, Sideways to the Future:

Earth in a Pocket: Anthropologist-turned-astronaut Halisi Mwangi’s lifelong mission is to bring the past to the stars. One unexpected malfunction later, however, and Halisi is space-shipwrecked on a strange alien world. As she struggles to survive and find a way back home, she finds herself with a new mission: to teach the local alien denizens about humanity, armed with only the contents of her pockets.

Faction:In the game of MUlate, players are sorted into Factions and must fight for domination. Emma Martina – a well known sponsored player – has played MUlate since it first launched, but with her Faction on the brink of elimination and mounting pressure from her sponsors, she begins to wonder how long she has before she’s out of a job.

Temerity: Taeru is a very serious genetically enhanced super-soldier. Naia is a less serious sugar-addicted mercenary. Together they’re the best work-for-hire duo in the galaxy. In an intergalactic world of mechas, brain hacking, and terrible pun t- shirts, Taeru and Naia spend their days performing daring missions for their clients and fighting their own personal demons. Now they’re embarking on the most dangerous mission yet: taking down the organization that created Taeru—and attempting to keep their partnership strictly professional.

Gifts of Wandering Ice: “Gifts of wandering ice” is a sci-fi comic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. These things, the “ice gifts”, can be anything from frozen ancient trash to valuable technology and even living creatures. Studying ice gifts is dangerous but it’s the only way to restore the forgotten history of humanity.

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(the waiter takes everyone's Ids) Waiter: We just have to check these and make sure they're real. I'll be back. | (Becky looks a little nervous) Julia: Hey, good thing yours wasn't really fake after all, Becky. Becky: Yeaahh. | Julia: (thought) Wait a minute, Jason was a freshman last year. How old is he? Waiter: Jason? We'll have to hold your ID for investigation. | (Becky looks at Isaac, he's is rolling his eyes) Becky: (thought) He's rolling his eyes. He knows. | Becky: Alright. I helped Jason get a fake ID. Jason: Well, the cat's out of the bag. Isaac: Do you know how much trouble you could both get in? | Becky: No, how much? Doug: Isaac? Are you involved in this scandal? (Doug shows up in a police uniform)