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Relationship Status
Friday, September 7, 2018

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Relationship Status
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Hi everyone! There are new comics at Spider Forest, so I'm going to share them for the next 4 weeks. Week 1 is Comic Hijinks:

Northwind: Angels Tiel and Iax accidentally release the Northwind, which results in their banishment to Earth. Watch as they hilariously learn to fit in with humans, dodge the Northwind, and discover a potentially earth-shattering demon plot.

The Stoop-Gallants: When Ru drunkenly discovers his necromantic powers one night, his life is irreversibly changed and he embarks on a quest to get rid of his desiccated new companion, meeting a colorful cast of knights, wizards and scholars with mysterious cheese allergies.

Flaky Pastry: Follow the unlikely adventures of three room mates: Marelle, Nitrine and Zintiel. Silliness and situational comedy, with a healthy dose of adventure, action, romance and outright craziness.

Ingress Adventuring Co.: Saving the world is a pretty big deal, but what do you do when no one needs you anymore? Do you become a magic professor? Do you study a convoluted thesis that no one understands? Maybe you relive the glory days by starting up a one-man adventuring party to gather mystical artifacts for people who may or may not pay you. Or, if you're Toivo Kissa, you do all of those things.

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(Brian comes into Julia's room, she's sitting on the bed with a red puffy face) Brian: Are you okay? Julia: (thought) I don't know. | (Brian across from her) Brian: You've been crying. Julia: I didn't mean to. | Brian: This isn't just about Selene, is it? Julia: No. Julia: (thought) It's also that you don't seem to care whether we're in a relationship. You always just go along with it after I bring it up. | Julia: Would you even care if I dumped you? Brian: Of course I'd care. | Brian: Maybe I don't care what we call ourselves as long as I feel like we're on a good path. But I really don't want to lose you. Julia: (thought) So what if we were "just friends" from now on? It wouldn't make a difference to you? | Brian: If we're just friends who are thinking about getting married, I'd be okay with that. And maybe make out sometimes.