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Another Becky
Friday, January 26, 2018

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Another Becky
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First of all, there'll be a comic this Monday, so make sure you check it!

Since I'm busier than I was before, I'm closing Contributions for Extra Updates for the time being. This means that there will be no extra Monday comics after this week, but I'll keep posting comics every Friday. I may or may not open it again later. If you choose to withdraw your Patreon pledge because of this, I won't mind. However, your Patreon pledges are one of the things that motivate me to keep making these comics, not just as a monetary incentive, but also as tangible validation that people care about this comic, so thank you to everyone who has donated any amount of money!

As promised in the terms and conditions of closure, since there's money in the meter, I will post one final extra update this Monday.

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(Julia, Brian, and Becky are at Brian's place, Brian has a cast and crutches) Becky: (texting) Why don't you meet me here? | June: Hi! I'm Becky's girlfriend, June. Brian: Nice to meet you. I'm Brian. | June: So what happened to you? Brian: I fell out of a tree. June: Well, that explains a lot. Did you hit every branch on the way down? | June: I'm just kidding. Brian: I can see why you and Becky like each other. | June: I know, we're like the same person! Julia: So you're basically dating yourself, Becky. Becky: I can live with that. I like myself a lot. | June: Yeah, I like myself a lot too. (Becky blushes a little)