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It Gets Better
Friday, October 13, 2017

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It Gets Better
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New Spider Forest comics, week 2: Fantastic and Frightening Futures

I, Mummy: An impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her own murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. Our story occurs in a future based on predictions from the late 1800s—a future where everyone can fly and there’s no such thing as wi-fi.

Folklore: When a coup for power sends the world’s superhuman population into all out war, humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction. In their final hour a weapon designed to strip power from all superhumans is unleashed. On some, it works. Others become something far worse.

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Phone: You did the right thing. Ethan: It doesn't feel right. I feel awful. (Ethan has been crying) | Jessica: It's not supposed to feel good. You'll probably feel pretty bad for a while. Ethan: That's reassurring. | Jessica: I'm just telling you so you don't second-guess yourself. It gets better, though. Someday you'll look back and you'll be glad you left her. Ethan: I hope you're right. Thanks, Jess. | Ethan: She's calling me again. Jessica: Block her number, you won't get the calls. | Ethan: What if she needs help? Jessica: Then she can call the %*#&ing police. | (Isaac is with Doug at the police station, his phone is ringing) Isaac: Hold on, I have to take this.