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Julia Meets Brian's Family
Friday, September 8, 2017

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Julia Meets Brian's Family
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Okay, we're back to IntenseDebate. I couldn't get Disqus to work properly.

And speaking of intensely debating, you may remember a comic blog that my sister and I started a while back about online communication, Averting the Flame Wars! It's been pretty slow lately, but we just launched our Patreon, so now we'll have some renewed monetary motivation to keep cranking out posts.

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(people are Brian's parents' house) Brian: And this is my sister Meg. Julia: Nice to meet you. Meg: (thought) Does she know? | Brian: Yeah, she knows. Julia: (thought) What? Who are you talking to? | Brian: (to Julia) Meg asked me if you knew about the mind-reading. Julia: Oh. Brian: But don't talk to Carolyn about it, she doesn't know. She's not here though. | Julia: So, uh, are any of you mind-readers too? Meg: Nope, just Brian. Unless someone in this family is keeping a collossal secret. | Brian: Well, if they were, I would know, wouldn't I? Meg: Brian would have to be in on it. | Julia: Brian, is there something you're not telling us? Brian: Other people's secrets aren't mine to tell. That's all I'm saying.