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Comic Book 5

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Knowing Someone
Friday, April 14, 2017

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Knowing Someone
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I have some news about Contributions for Extra Updates. I'm raising the price of one extra update from $80 to $120. This change will go into effect after the remaining $28 comes in for the next extra update. Thanks to everyone who's been keeping these extra updates coming in with your donations!

Also, this month on Patreon, I'm posting the 4 deleted scripts I sketched as extras for the first comic book, in the patron feed, so if you're one of my patrons (or you want to be) you can go check those out throughout the month!

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June: Okay, I have to go. Becky: Bye June! See you later. | Becky: June and I hooked up today. Julia: What?! | Becky: Why are you so surprised whenever I get laid? Julia: Well, for one thing, I didn't know you were into girls. | Becky: Neither did I, actually. Not for sure until today. Julia: Oh. | Julia: And for another thing, it's so different from what I would want. I can't imagine being that intimate with someone without knowing them inside and out first. | Becky: You can't actually know someone inside and out unless you- Julia: Ugh, I know! I meant EMOTIONALLY.