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The Right Moment
Friday, March 17, 2017

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The Right Moment
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We have some Patreon news this week! We've reached our first goal of $40 per month, which means I'll be posting content regularly in the patron feed! Thanks to all the patrons for making this happen! If you want to get in on this and become a patron, click here. (And if you're not a patron, that's okay, I still appreciate you!)

I've updated some of the perks. The $10 sketch request perk is gone because I want all of my patrons to request sketches if they want to, because it will give me some material to post in the feed. I've added 2 new spots for the $15 "be in the comic" perk, so if you want to be an extra in Think Before You Think, you can sign up for one of those. And the full color drawing perk is now $30 instead of $35.

Another thing I brought up in the patron feed is the possibility of posting one page ahead of everyone else for patrons, and I didn't get any feedback about that. Any thoughts?

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Julia: She was talking about you dating other people. Brian: I wouldn't date anyone else at this point, in the near future. Julia: Me neither. | Julia: So I guess we're back together? Brian: Yeah, if that's what you want. I do. | Julia: I still have insecurities about our relationship. Brian: Me too, but we can be together while we're working that stuff out. It's not like it will change much. | Julia: (thought) That's true. Julia: Okay. So we're back together. Brian: Great! (they're smiling) | Brian: Do you want to come with me to my brother's wedding in August, in Connecticut? Julia: (thought) Whoa, okay. I thought you said it wouldn't change anything! | Brian: I was going to ask you anyway. I was just waiting for the right moment. (Julia looks at her phone) Julia: (thought) Shoot, I have to get back to work like... right now. Brian: And this isn't it. Nevermind.