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Isaac Is Still Concerned
Friday, July 29, 2016

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Isaac Is Still Concerned
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If you've seen the second TBYT comic book, you may remember the bonus 4-page comic series at the end, Secret Onion Adventures. But most of you didn't buy that book, so chances are, you haven't seen it. I'll be posting that series on the Patreon page in the next four days, starting tomorrow (Saturday). If you pledge $1 or more, you'll be able to see it in your Patron feed.

I'll be posting more stuff on Patreon in the future, although I'm not sure when, but if it's anything I think is exciting, I'll let you know!

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Brian: Did you meet Sarah's new boyfriend? Isaac: Yeah. Just once. Brian: What did you think of him? | Isaac: He seems okay. I didn't really get a good read on him. But she seems to like him a lot. Isaac: (thought) I'm concerned though. I feel protective of her, and she doesn't talk to me as much anymore. | Brian: I trust her judgment. Isaac: Me too. I wish you could meet him though. Find out what his intentions are. Brian: I'm sure I will at some point. | Isaac: (thought) I just hope it's not too late when you do. Brian: If you really have a bad feeling, I'll investigate. Isaac: I don't have a bad feeling, I just... maybe I'm a bit overly attached. I should just let this go. | Brian: You're a helicopter cop. Isaac: Well, we do have an emergency helicopter... | (imagination panel, there's a loud fudoo sound in the background) Sarah: What's that loud noise right ouside the building? (yelling) Ethan: I don't know!