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The Employee Situation
Friday, June 10, 2016

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The Employee Situation
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Hi readers! I have some updates:

1. I've added some new rewards to the Patreon page. You can now have you or your character be a background character in the comic! Spaces are limited. I've only added 2 spots so far, and one of them is already claimed, but more spots will be added in the future.

2. I've updated the terms for Contributions for Extra Updates, so that if the donation goal is reached on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the extra comic will be posted the Monday after the following week. So if anyone wants to donate the remaining $3 and have an extra comic this Monday, today is your last day to do it. Also, Patreon income is added to the CFEU goal on the 4th day of every month.

3. From now on I'll be posting blog posts and news related to my projects in general on my Art, Comics, and Writing blog on Tumblr.

That's all for now. Have a good day!

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Brian: So, how's the employee situation looking? Kate: You're wondering if you can have your old job back? | Brian: Basically, but, it's not a big deal. Kate: Hang on a second. | (Kate talks to a girl sitting at one of the tables) Kate: Hey Sam? Sam: Yeah? Kate: You're fired. | Sam: Awww. Kate: Okay, Brian, the job is yours. Brian: Great! Thanks! | Brian: So, am I really re-hired? 'cause she never worked here. Kate: Yeah, we have an opening. | Kate: Not that you would know who works here now. You've been away. Brian: You wouldn't have fired her like that. Kate: True.