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Comic Book 5

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Friday, October 2, 2015

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If all of this month's Patreon donations get through, we will have an extra comic on Monday, so make sure to check!

Also, I have a new portfolio website,

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Brian: Alright, I'll cut to the chase, Selene. I'm not in a position to date you, so let's not talk about personal sexual stuff between us. Selene: I am 18, you know. | Brian: I know. There's more to it than that. Selene: Okay. I'm sorry. Brian: It's okay. | Brian: You can still talk to me about anything else. Selene: Thanks. | (Selene puts her head in her hands) Brian: Are you okay? Selene: (thought) Ugh, I'm so out of line. I deserve to be slapped. | (fantasy panel, Brian slaps Selene) SLAP! Selene: Aah! Brian: Next time you'll behave properly. | Brian: You don't have to be so... um... hard on yourself. Selene: I thought we weren't talking about my fantasies.