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Funny Looks
Friday, March 27, 2015

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Funny Looks
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It's been an exciting couple of weeks! Last week Grrl Power sent record amounts of traffic (by far) to Think Before You Think with a glowing recommendation!

And this week I started a Patreon account for TBYT, because why not? And I was surprised to find that people have already been pledging money! Wow! Thanks guys! All the money from Patreon also goes to Contributions for Extra Updates, so more money = more comics.

One more thing, I just found out that Think Before You Think is listed on ComicMix's Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament! And I think you can vote, maybe? It looks like there are going to be several rounds.

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Julia: (thought) I wonder if everyone in this dorm read my blog post. People are giving me funny looks. | (Julia has a really awkward self-conscious expression) | (A girl comes up and smiles normally) | (Close-up of Julia's face, she has a crazy expression) | (The other person has a slightly confused expression) | Julia: (thought) She gave me a funny look too.