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Brian's Sound Reasoning
Friday, July 4, 2014

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Brian's Sound Reasoning
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Happy 4th of July everyone! You can't deny that it's the 4th of July where you live, or at least will have been yesterday or tomorrow, however time zones work.

I know, I'm gonna get this one comment, "I'm from Jupiter, and we don't have the 4th of July here!" Well, that's sad.

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(Brian is eating pop tarts) Isaac: (thought) Uh-oh. Brian is eating fried pop tarts for dinner again. He must be in a bad mood. | Isaac: So, did Jules leave? Brian: Yeah. I stabbed her in the heart and sent her away. Isaac: Not literally, I hope. Then I'd have to arrest you. | Brian: You think they could keep me in jail? Isaac: Uh... Brian: I could play mind games with the guards until they go crazy. | Isaac: (thought) That's a little unnerving to think about. Isaac: If you use your powers for evil, I'll stop subsidizing your rent. Brian: Darn. Well, scratch that. | Brian: So I won't drive them insane, I'll just utilize their knowledge to help me escape. That's not evil, it's libertarian. Isaac: Assuming you had stabbed someone? | Brian: But I wouldn't have used my powers for that. Isaac: Oh, well then it's fine.