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Friday, June 13, 2014

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I thought about leaving out the word bubbles in this comic, and you would probably still be able to tell what was going on. But I decided to add them anyway.

Yesterday Think Before You Think turned 5, and I made a special cartoon:

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(Kevin comes to find Sarah, she hands over her visor) Kevin: Sarah, you need to get back to work! Sarah: Forget it, Kevin. I'm quitting! Here's my stupid hat thing. | (Sarah starts to unbutton her shirt) Sarah: And here's my stupid shirt... Brian: Uh, Sarah? | (She tosses him the shirt, and she's just in her bra) Sarah: There! Now I'm out of here. | (Sarah walks out with no shirt and it's snowing outside, Brian comes after her) Brian: Sarah, do you have a shirt you changed out of? Or a coat? | Sarah: Oh, yeah, I left them in the back room. (Sarah is shivering) | Sarah: (thought) I'm embarrassed to go back in there. (Brian starts taking off his coat)