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With a Side of Expletives
Friday, March 28, 2014

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With a Side of Expletives
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Hi, fellow thoughtful thinkers! I have some news this week. On Wednesday I set up Contributions for Extra Updates, in which I agree to post an extra comic page in addition to my regular weekly updates for certain donation goals. I made it retroactive and added up all the donations I've gotten in the past, which had been $75 total, and my update goal is currently $80, but I've gotten another $10 since Wednesday, so that means I will be updating the comic this Monday as well! Remember to check the site on Monday if you aren't already subscribed.

I'm not trying to beg for money, I just want to let you guys know what I'm doing. Everyone can enjoy the regular and extra updates for free. I only want people to donate if they have the extra money and really want to. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and to all my readers for reading the comic!

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Julia: Oh, Sarah was looking for you yesterday. Brian: She was? Maybe I'll call her. | (Brian is on the phone) Phone: This is Sarah. Leave a message. | (Sarah is working at Burger Ace) Kevin: Sarah! That's not how you make a sandwich! For crying out loud! Sarah: What do I Kevin: You should know by now. What are you good for, anyway? | (imagination panel: Sarah throws the sandwich at Kevin) Sarah: HERE'S YOUR @#$%ING SANDWICH!! | (In reality, Sarah hands the food to a customer with a kid) Sarah: Here's your @#$%ing sandwich. Customer: Excuse me? Sarah: Oh, I'm sorry! (Sarah covers her mouth)