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12 Angry Men
Friday, March 21, 2014

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12 Angry Men
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Dear fans, I conclude with the rest of the comics I have added to my reading list from your suggestions, besides the two I mentioned last week. My new favorites are Nimona, Strong Female Protagonist, The Summer of Blake Sinclair, Tripping Over You, and (TMI warning) I Am Arg. Thanks again for your recommendations! Oh, and I'm reading Angel Food, but it's not far enough yet for me to know if I like it.

In other news, today's comic has Ellen from Leftover Soup in the last panel. Leftover Soup featured our own Brian a while back, and since it's one of my favorite comics, I thought I'd return the shout-out.

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(Becky and Julia are at the cafe, Brian is working) Becky: So how was jury duty? Brian: Uneventful. I didn't get called. Becky: Aw, I was hoping the 12 Angry Men scene would play out. | Brian: Well, I think it's been pretty unlikely ever since they let women vote. Becky: That's a good point. Women don't make those misjudgments in the first place. | Brian: Actually I WAS hoping to participate in a court case. It would have been cool. Becky: If I ever go to court, I'll invite you as my head juror. Brian: That's not exactly how it works. | Becky: Come on, Brian, you can pull some strings. You have inside info. | Julia: What if you're guilty? Would you still invite him? Becky: Oh, what are the odds of that? | Becky: Nevermind, don't answer that.