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Like a Procrastination Pro
Friday, November 9, 2012

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Like a Procrastination Pro
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Jason: Hey, Jules, what did you say in your essay? Julia: (thought) Uh-oh, the essay! Don't worry, just play it cool. | Julia: Oh, yeah, the essay. Well, you know, I haven't started it yet. Jason: Yeah? It's due in 5 minutes. | Julia: Plenty of time! Let me just get out my writing supplies. (Julia looks calm]) Julia: (thought) (panicking face) | (Julia writes) | Julia: Oww, hand cramp! (Julia shakes her right hand out) Jason: Did you know I can write just as well with my both of my hands? Julia: I'm not interested right now unless you want to finish writing this for me. | (Julia dictates out loud as Jason writes) Julia: ...for example, I have a lot of dreams that I'm naked, and they always make me feel like...