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Friday, November 2, 2012

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Brian: I like Becky a lot, but she's not the kind of girl I could fall in love with. Same with Sarah. Julia: (thought) Sarah? Who's Sarah? | Brian: Oh, sorry. She's another girl I met over the summer. I think Becky might have told you about her. Julia: Ohhh, that girl. | Julia: (thought) She didn't say her name. She just said you were hanging out with some girl a lot. Brian: Yeah, sorry I didn't mention her. I didn't think of it. | Brian: You know, if Becky says stuff about me, you don't need to take her word for it. You can always ask me anything. I'll be honest with you. Julia: Thanks, Brian. | Julia: How many times do you wear a pair of pants before you wash it? Brian: Uh... | Julia: You said you'd be honest. Brian: More times than you think. (Brian blushes)