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Brian's Sneaky Method of Seduction
Friday, July 27, 2012

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Brian's Sneaky Method of Seduction
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Notice about comments: I will be away for a week without internet. The comic will update automatically on Friday, August 3rd, but I won't be able to approve comments until Saturday night. Feel free to leave comments anyway, they will just be pending for the time being. You can also have discussions in the forum, which hopefully won't get out of hand while I'm gone. If I come back and I find empty beer bottles all over the place, someone's gonna be in trouble. *glare*

This week's comic has a cameo from the first comic series I made, The Adventures of Anna Glenn and Her Pet Ethan. She also happens to be a real person.

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Brian: It's not like that. I can't make you do anything that you wouldn't want to. Julia: Then why does it work? Brian: It doesn't always. Like it's mostly up to the person being hypnotized. | Julia: Do you think it would work on me? Brian: Yeah. Do you want to try it? Julia: Maybe...| (Becky shows up) Becky: Try what? Julia: Hypnosis. | Becky: Hey, whatever happened to MY hypnosis? (Becky looks annoyed) Brian: I can do you first, Becky. | Becky: That's what she said. Julia: I never said that! But that's fine with me. Brian: I mean I can hypnotize you first, Becky. | Brian: Just to be clear, there will be no sex involved today.