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A Battle of Heroes
Friday, June 22, 2012

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A Battle of Heroes
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(Brian is carrying Sarah) Brian: I'll take her to the hospital. Isaac: Okay. Sarah: Where's the floor? | Guy 1: Dude, I don't know why it is, but the police around here are really on top of stuff sometimes. Like you can't get away with a lot. Guy 2: I know. It's like freakin' Metropolis. Guy 1: More like Gotham City. No flying red capes. | Guy 2: Dude, Batman wasn't really in cahoots with the police. Besides, Superman will always be superior. Guy 1: Are you freakin' crazy? Superman is obnoxious as hell. And that outfit really? He should be in the freakin' ballet! Now Batman, he's the man. | Guy 2: Stop right there, man, stop right there! You don't wanna mess with a guy on Superman's side. Guy 1: Why? What are YOU gonna do? | (imagination panel: Superman punches Guy 1) Guy 2: Haha! You showed HIM. | Vampire bat: I'm Batman, and I'm going to suck your bloood! Superman: Uhh... I think someone's a little confused here.