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Invisible Onions
Friday, January 13, 2012

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Invisible Onions
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The donation drive for Comic Creators for Freedom is going on right now. If you would like to support prevention and rehabilitation for human trafficking, go to the website to donate, and you can download a collaborative wallpaper. You can read more about it on my news page.

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Brian: She was suicidal. Isaac: Oh. Man. | Isaac: Does she know that you know? Brian: Yeah. | Isaac: Does she know that you know that she knows that you know? Brian: Yeah. She told me. | Brian: Now she says she's in love with me. Isaac: You are quite a catch. Brian: Thank you. | (Isaac sips coffee and Brian sheds a tear) | Isaac: Are you okay? Brian: (wiping his eye) Yeah, I'm fine. I was cutting up onions. Isaac: That's funny, I've been sitting here this whole time, and I didn't see you with any onions.