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Do-It-Yourself Witchcraft
Friday, December 16, 2011

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Do-It-Yourself Witchcraft
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Panel 3 looks a bit too appropriate, doesn't it? At least some of you will probably thing so.

An exciting thing happened this week: we got the first ever Think Before You Think fan fiction! Hurray!

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Becky: (thought) I'll just make my own potion. I know what's in it. This should be a piece of cake. | (Becky adds ingredients, including lemonade, to a jar) Becky: There! | (Imaginary panel: Becky is dressed as a witch with a bubbling cauldron) Becky: Bwahahahaha! | Becky: (thought) Okay, gotta call Mandi! (Becky puts the potion down) | (The yellow potion sits in the counter) | Becky's mom: Now, where did I put my urine sample?