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Friday, December 2, 2011

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Yes, Brian lied when he said "I don't." Oh, well.

I finally made a gallery page for the site, with all my extra art. Here it is.

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Sarah: (thought) What am I thinking? I'm so stupid! I just made a complete fool of myself! Brian: I still care about you. | Sarah: I'm going home. Sarah: (thought) I can't go home. What am I gonna do there? I'll just be alone again. Brian: Wait, just stay here for a while, okay? Come on. | Sarah: Why? Brian: I want to make sure you're gonna be okay. | Brian: You know, this isn't as awkward as you think it is. Sarah: How do you know how awkward I think it is? | Brian: I don't. I mean... I just mean I've seen a lot of awkward things. More than you would expect. Sarah: You mean you have a lot of girls falling in love with you? | Sarah: (thought) I should have expected that, anyway. He's way too good for me. Brian: No, that's not what I meant. Although... Nevermind. Let's play checkers.