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Friday, November 4, 2011

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Hi fans! In case you haven't noticed, the first Think Before You Think comic book is out! Check out this page to see what it's like. Plus, all of your Christmas shopping could be done with just a few clicks in the next two minutes! Something to think about, eh?

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Brian: Becky, I can't make potions! Why would I be able to do it better than anyone else? It's just mixing ingredients. Becky: Well, you're good at making espresso drinks. | Becky: Why do you only have one psychic power? Shouldn't you be able to tell the future and stuff? Becky: Hey, what's this? You can do hypnotism? (Becky picks up a book) Brian: I was just reading about it. | Becky: Hmm... | (Becky's imagination, Brian is hypnotizing Mandi) Brian: When you wake up, you will fall in love with Becky. | Brian: NO. Becky: Aww. | Brian: Wait, you want her to fall in love with YOU? Becky: It was just an example.