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Friday, April 8, 2011

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Mandi: What? You mean it doesn't even do anything? I just drank this vile thing for nothing? Brian: I tried to stop you. I'm sorry. | Becky: What did you want with a lesbian love potion, anyway? Mandi: um... no reason, I was just curious. | (Becky looks at Brian inquisitively) | Brian: Hey, don't look at ME! It's none of MY business. | Becky: You're no fun, Brian. It's not like she's ever coming back now. Brian: That's not necessarily true. Besides, that's not the point. Everyone has a right to the privacy of their own thoughts. | Becky: But what gives YOU the right to hear them? I think, to be fair, everyone should be able to read your mind too. Brian: Haha! Can you imagine what kind of choas that would cause? | Woman: You jerk! I'm trying to talk to you and you keep thinking about her! (pointing at an uncomfortable-looking girl) Guy: Well, she's thinking the same things about me!