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Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Mrs. Peterson: I'll just write you a note to get you out of it. Julia: Things don't work that way anymore, Mom. KNOCK, KNOCK. | (Julia answers the door) Julia: Brian? Brian: Hey, you're out of the hospital! Right? | Julia: Yeah, I guess so, since I'm here. Brian: Is that your mom? Julia: Yeah. | Brian: Hi, Mrs. Peterson! Mrs. Peterson: Hi, Brian! I've heard a lot about you. Julia: Mom! | Mrs. Peterson: Oh, sorry. Who is this weird guy, Jules? Brian: I get that a lot. Julia: (thought) Ugh, I wish Brian would leave so I could study. | Julia: No, Brian, I didn't mean that! I love you! No, I mean... you KNOW what I mean, you can read my... um, e-mail. Mrs. Peterson: (thought) ?