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Trouble With Pants
Friday, October 15, 2010

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Trouble With Pants
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Brian: Hey, wake up. Julia: Huh? | Julia: Ow, my stomach hurts so much! Brian: I'm gonna take you to the hospital. Get your pants on. | Julia: I thought you were gonna wait outside until I was done changing. | Brian: I did, until you passed out. | Julia: I can't put them on while you're watching. Brian: I won't watch. Julia: Okay. | Julia: Oof. Julia: (thought) Augh! I can't put them on without standing up and I can't stand up without falling over. | (Brian is holding Julia, Julia is pulling her pants up, and Becky walks in the door) Becky: Uuh, oops. I didn't know you guys were... in here.