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Of All the Rotten Luck
Friday, March 19, 2010

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Of All the Rotten Luck
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Robber: (holding a gun) Hey, man, give me the money in the cash register. Robber: (thought) I hope this guy cooperates, 'cause my gun isn't loaded. Brian: Uh, okay. | Brian: ugh. Robber: What's taking so long? | Brian: I can't get it open! Of all the rotten luck. Robber: You've got to be KIDDING! | Brian: I can make you a complimentary latte for your trouble. Robber: I don't believe you. Let me try. | Brian: Um, I don't think so. Kate doesn't like customers messing with it. Robber: I'm not a customer! Can't you see I'm holding a *%$!# gun?! / Brian: Sorry, we have a non-discriminating policy here. Robber: (thought) Is this guy retarded?