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"The Toe"
Friday, December 18, 2009

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"The Toe"
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Becky: So how's your toe? Julia: Not too bad. | Julia: The nurse said it won't affect my ability to do ceramics. Becky: And you were hoping it would? | Julia: Yeah. I was hoping she would tell me I can't do it anymore or I should be able to do it just fine. | Becky: You were hoping your broken toe would cause you to be good at ceramics? Julia: Not really. But I was hoping she would say that so that when I suck at it I can say, "That's funny. My nurse said I should be able to do it just fine." | Julia: There is one thing I can do now that I haven't ever been able to do before. Becky: Really? What? | Julia: Give the finger with my toe.