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Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Julia: I'm going back to the cafe. Becky: What? We were just there 2 hours ago. Julia: I know, but I want something different this time. | Julia: (thought) I'm gonna change my mind at the last minute. I'll go in thinking I want a hot chocolate, and end up ordering a mocha. Let's see how he handles this. | Julia: (thought) Wait a minute, I can't plan to change my mind. I've really known all along that I was going to order a mocha. I'll have to pick something else. | Brian: Hi, again. What can I get you this time? Julia: Uh... | Julia: I don't know. Woman behind her: Hurry it up there, Missy! I have to get to my hair appointment. | Brian: Don't worry, Miss. I'm already working on your nonfat Latte. Woman: Why d'ya presume I want nonfat, you idiot!